Largescaled particles skimming
Floating pumps used during the first step of treatment

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Innovative technologies to capture floating pollution

Industrial wastewater treatment, extraction of oil from soluble cutting oils, remediation of soil, oil skimmers



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Key figures

  • 70 70% average saving for our customers Solutions three times cheaper than tank emptying services
  • 70Number 1 in skimming thanks to our high precision skimming technology
  • 7040% ouf our turnover abroad 70% in Africa
  • 70 more than 200 industrial sites have adopted SOREPOL solution Our customer are both international firms and SMEs.


Key Dates


  • 2009 Creation of SOREPOL and starting of our research about skimming technology
  • 2012 Structuring export activites. First exportation to Morocco, Algeria and Senegal
  • 2013Integration of AXELERA
  • 2014 INNOV’R Label and Jury Special Award "Jeune Entreprise Eco-Innovante"

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  • vsl-news1 SOREPOL special award "Jeune Entreprise Eco-Innovante"2015, May 
  • vsl-news2 New :discover our new "SKIMOOV" a smart skimmer2015, May
  • vsl-news3 INNOV'R label for our innovative projects around skimming2015, May